If your child is not entitled to free school meals then you must pay for school dinners, or send them with a healthy packed lunch.

School dinners cost £9.75 per week (£1.95 per day) for a 2 course meal and should be paid for in advance at the office on a weekly basis, preferably on Mondays between 9 and 10am.

Please put your child’s dinner money in an envelope with their name, class and the amount of dinner money written on it.

Please note:It is not possible for your childe to swap from school dinners to packed lunches on a daily basis – changes can only be made on a weekly basis.

If you would like to change your child’s lunch arrangements, please contact the school office immediately.

Current School Menus





Trips & Visits

If you pay for school dinners please send your child with a packed lunch if their class is out on a trip.

If your child receives free school meals , a packed lunch will be provided for them.

There are four weekly menus on rotation. These are available from the School Office.

Salad, fresh fruit bread and water are available to pupils every day.