About Us

British Values

Our Vision, Ethos and Values

A successful vision for inner city education must recognise that the needs of the pupils cannot be addressed without acknowledging the needs of the community.

Because we recognise our responsibility for each individual child, our school must:

Be an inclusive school

We will:

Be at the heart of the community we serve

We will:

Promote independent learning for life

We will:

Have positive attitudes

We will:

Have high standards

We will:

Know ourselves and help others to know us

We will:

We will work as one staff, one team, with one common goal – to succeed for the children of Aspley.

A school that succeeds plays a part in raising the esteem of a community. A community that believes in itself succeeds.

We aspire to be a school that good teachers will want to work in, that committed parents will want to send their children to and that pupils will succeed in.